MoviesLines – Windows Mobile Application

movies lines windows mobile application questionnaire game

MoviesLines – Windows Mobile Application

  • 10 Sep 2016
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Movies Lines (online) is a questionnaire windows mobile application game. Movieslines has too many small movie clips. After viewing them, you do have the opportunity to find the movie title. This is the goal of the game. This game can be played in groups of several persons for more fun and games with friends.

Features & Options:

In case you can not find a movie title, there are always three aids. You can see the post of the movie, the tagline and for the best one, you can see three possible answers.


You could activate counters, set your team’s name, set game’s rounds. There is also an option changing from movie clips to animation clips.

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Published Date: 20/05/2014
Last Modified: 08/04/2016