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metronsa – Engineering for life – Website – Custom CMS

  • 21 Apr 2017
  • web development

Ιn 1995 Metron was established from Mr. Ioannis Sandros in a small town named Nigrita where they were built production facilities less than 500 m2. The idea of creating an automation company was born in 1988 by a group of engineers  that was working for the construction company “Horizon”. At that time, Horizon was responsible for the construction of a car control center which had automatic doors for buildings as part of the project specifications. Their increased cost  stimulated this group of engineers to manufacture on their own automatic doors for buildings from scratch based on their increased self-confidence and mentality “Yes, we can”.. ..

About our work

Your idea, our Responsibility

In order to achive that, me and my partners, developed a website according to customer’s needs. Our main goal was to give an impeccable result for this website, that gives a unique UX to clients of metronsa. Take a nice taste of this result

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Leaving behind the UI – UX of metronsa, there are interesting points of coding at the development of this website, if you look at the backend. Metronsa is a website that has been developed 100% custom.

Many techniques have been used in order to accomplish the needs of development. Some of these are PHP – MySQL to display dynamic content of website, Javascript to display slideshows and carousels, AJAX to display content and/or save data without reloading the page and much more!


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