Memo – Windows Mobile Application

memo windows mobile application

Memo – Windows Mobile Application

  • 6 Sep 2016
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Memo is a Windows Mobile Application Game for ages 3+, which means that Memo is a game for everyone! The goal of this game application is to find the same pairs of images.

Features & Options:

Memo game, has lots of features and options that makes it pleasant and enjoyable. Specifically, Memo game has sounds effects such as police cars’, fire trucks’, aeroplanes’, so kids could learn those sounds, but most of all to understand in real life and recognize the most familiar sounds! Furthermore, Memo has lots of our favorites cartoon and disney’s heros too! Young kids love this and always want to play more with their favorites heros, such as Spiderman, Lion king, Madagascar, Nemo, Goofy, Aladin and much more.


There are three difficulty levels: for beginners, older kids, but for everyone else too!

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Published Date:01/12/2011
Last Modified:08/04/2016