magicalrecipesonline – Website – Custom CMS

magicalrecipesonline – Website – Custom CMS is a website that built totally from scratch. It is a custom website, that has lots of possibilities, such as subscribe to newsletter, recently articles displayed in homepage, related author’s articles, witch tv and much more. magicalrecilesonline website, is a multi-user wordPress website, meaning that there are more than one user administrators. So, users could find articles from their favorites authors and writers.

Furthermore, magicalrecipesonline has a a custom dashboard called oCMS, that admins could handle every section of the front-end website. This oCMS dashboard gives the opportunity to admin users, change the content of website, images, featured images, content in articles, sidebars, images in homepage slider, link youtube videos, even change dynamically the subscribe newsletter form in homepage, according to administrators needs.

Have a magical recipe online!


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